Our Mission is to serve our clients as a facilitator to maximize value, even through challenging circumstances, for all stakeholders involved in each transaction. Our team combines innovative execution with inclusivity of the entire brokerage community and an extensive network of relationships to deliver and assist principals with an exit strategy.


Founded in 2002, Moecker Realty, Inc. is a full-service real estate and property management firm based in Hollywood, Florida, with offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

Moecker Realty is one of two companies operating under the umbrella of parent company Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc. (MMA) that are dedicated to the successful court-ordered liquidation of real estate assets. While its sister firm, Moecker Auctions, offers complete real estate auction services, Moecker Realty provides both residential and commercial real estate sales and marketing services, in addition to asset management, including property management, leasing and various real estate related receivership services; particularly construction management, contract compliance reviews and contract closeout.

To augment its already robust real estate services, Moecker Realty works with a large national real estate investment brokerage firm that affords it a competitive advantage by virtue of extensive market coverage in disposing of residential and commercial real estate.

Please explore our Website to learn about our services,  to get to know our staff of professionals, to peruse our listings. We proudly serve banks, creditors and attorneys in carrying out their liquidation duties and are happy to serve you with all of your unique real estate needs as they relate to court-ordered asset liquidation.