Complex Business Division

Because our focus is continuously on Florida properties, we have distinguished ourselves throughout the Florida market and have become well known as an agile real estate company of choice when highly effective liquidations and sales are judicially mandated.

Moecker Brokers works directly with banks, attorneys, and other court-appointed administrators to maximize the value of these vital real estate transactions. We at Moecker Brokers and our related affiliates are proud to have developed vital professional and business relationships over the years in various arenas, including the real estate marketplace, the legal, judicial and banking communities.

Because we offer a variety of asset management services, including property management and construction management, we are also extremely well versed in the unique requirements of both of these professional disciplines.

Live Real Estate Auctions

Through its affiliation with Moecker Auctions, Inc., Moecker Brokers all-inclusive real estate offerings are complemented further by comprehensive live real estate auction services. Moecker Auctions  is licensed, bonded and fully insured with a staff of experienced, accredited professionals who administer and facilitate its operations throughout the Florida market and online.

Each Moecker live real estate auction event includes representation by a Moecker Brokers Agent, a Moecker Auctions Auctioneer, and an approved online real estate

Contract Closeout Services

Moecker Realty provides professional Contract Closeout services that include during a pre-reconciliation of contracts, the completion of invoices issued before the final invoice(s), certificates and releases and, at the completion stage, the payment of all final invoices to balance the books, administration of final contract audits, expiring funds, closeouts of any government contracts, all unbilled issues, and reconciliation of cash receipts and unidentified cash, if any exists.

Site Inspections

Moecker Brokers will provide the required on-site data collection and analysis, resulting in Site Inspections  that provide observations of a property’s general conditions; the viability and profitability of the surrounding commerce, neighborhood and market; and the strengths and risks inherent in the actual site itself.

As part of our detailed Site Inspections, we will provide such detailed information as a confirmation of tenant occupancy numbers and information garnered during unit-by-unit inspections. These inspections can play a vital role for lending institutions looking to validate the preservation of collateral.

Due Diligence – Property Condition Assessments

For every real estate transaction, Moecker Realty provides expert Due Diligence  Property Condition Assessments (PCA) designed to determine conditions that could create maintenance issues, adversely affect operations, or that might lead to depreciated property value.

The building systems involved in a Due Diligence PCA include the foundation, the roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, elevators, and the “building envelope” that includes windows and walls. In Florida, a PCA is also likely to include such issues as the presence of lead, mold and asbestos; pest control problems, hurricane and flooding susceptibility, and general ADA compliance.

Construction Management Services

In the cases of construction projects, Moecker Realty provides a variety of construction management services for all types of properties, including Multi-family, Commercial, Residential, Hotels, and Raw Land.

In addition to Construction Management, related services also include Contract Compliance Reviews and Contract Closeout services.

In the course of Construction Management, the designated Construction Manager plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises construction projects from early development to completion in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. Construction Management ensures that a project is built according to plan, including not only the completion of the project according to the building plans, but also finishing it on time and within the specified budget constraints.
Moecker Realty’s Construction Manager is charged with protecting the interests of the property’s creditors by maximizing profit and keeping costs under control. As part of his work, he also performs estimates, selects subcontractors, develops contracts and coordinates the various trades, as the job is completed. In addition, he concerns himself with all aspects of contract compliance and contract closeout activities.

Asset Management Services

Moecker Realty provides full-service asset management services, including property management, construction management, contract compliance reviews and contract closeout that are typically called for with receiverships.

In some cases, Moecker Realty professional staff might be the designated Receiver or, Michael Moecker & Associates acts as a court-appointed Receiver. MMA, in turn, works in tandem with Moecker Realty and Moecker Auctions to develop comprehensive liquidation plans to maximize value for a company’s assets while minimizing expenses and administrative costs.

These plans provide for such functions as accounts receivable collection, identification of potential revenue sources to maximize value in the liquidation of all tangible and intangible assets. They also may include property management or construction management services.