Wilbert Reynoso


FL #3240197

Will Reynoso leads the Moecker Brokers firm serving as Broker and heading both the commercial and residential real estate division and business brokerage sales. With over 9 years of commercial real estate experience, Reynoso specializes in office, industrial and residential development property transactions in South Florida. He has also been involved in the management and sale of businesses in various industry types including retail, financial services, military, and other industry types.

In addition Will Reynoso contributes to the company’s Complex Business Division involving matters related to Receiverships, Bankruptcy, Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, and Probate Estate among other insolvency and liquidation matters. He assists Receivers, Trustees, Curators, Plan Administrators and Assignees – including corresponding debtors, creditors, beneficiaries and personal representatives – in connection with the purchase and sale of commercial real property and on-going concerns.


Mr. Reynoso is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he developed his interest in real estate and obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration specializing in Real Estate and Finance. Mr. Reynoso completed his graduate work at Nova Southeastern University’s H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship obtaining a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Development. Will Reynoso is a Dale Carnegie graduate.


Memberships and Associations

  • International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)
  • National Association of Realtors (NAR)
  • Dominican American Bar Association (DABA)
  • Bankruptcy Bar Association (BBA)

Terry Keller

Broker Associate

FL #639737

A native Floridian, Terry Keller has been a successful real estate agent in South Florida for over 21 years since 1996.

Mr. Keller holds a CAM license and primary focus is to assisted Receivers, Trustees, and Assignees with real property matters.

Accordingly, he is well versed in “seeing through” any litigation haze and dispute issues that the real property may be embroiled in while focusing on the tasks at hand. As a member of Moecker Brokers,

Mr. Keller has sold a wide range of property types throughout Florida and has extensive experience with marshalling assets through the various court systems. He was previously in the mortgage business for 10 years.